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    Karen Nicholls Photography

    specialising in studio, wedding and event & photography

Who is Behind All This

Karen has a passion for photography, that passion has transformed what was a hobby into a full time profession.

As a working mother in dead end jobs with no direction, she decided to turn her life around and went back into education where she studied Art and Design. Whilst obtaining a degree, Karen developed her skills in various mediums.

As an Artist, Karen thoroughly enjoys the time taken to explore the wonders of nature, land and sea, the intricacies of rotting wood, textured bark, and the changing colours of the seasons.

In contrast, cities have a fantastic landscape. She sees the potential in reflective glass and concrete jungles, the historic and new architecture. The textures and patterns represented in the brickwork. The run down ghettos of crumbling decay, of rusted metals and the juxtaposition with graffiti makes them interesting entities.

Whatever the setting, Karen remains constantly fascinated with the human interaction shown within it. She values photographing people and animals that thrive in their surroundings.

She follows her heart and dreams and projects her creative flare though photography. She has filled her web site with the images she is proud of, and has loved the journey of finding them, capturing the moment through her camera lens, enables her to share that moment with you.

My Services

Studio Photography
Event Photography
Wedding Photography

Get in Touch with Me

I am no longer based at the Arkwest Photographioc shop in the High Street because I have moved house to the beautiful village of Ickwell in Bedfordshire but you can still contact me on my business mobile, email or use the form below to send me a message.

07712 425 183


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