Studio Gallery

The Studio

The studio is a Professional, modern, air-conditioned environment with a relaxed atmosphere; it’s where Karen will take her time and get the best out of you. The sitting will probably take about ninety minutes. Time will vary according tothe amount of people and young children

The sitting will usually take around ninety minutes, depending on the amount of people and ages of children. If you prefer, Karen can create a photo-shoot in your own home (this is proving particularly popular with new mums and their babies) or even your favourite beauty spot.

Karen wants you to Lve the final results, not just like them.

Karen loves to create beautiful images for your home, your family or for your friends, to keep and look back on with fond memories.

To make a booking or for general enquires close this gallery and use the Contact form, or you can meet Karen at the studio or just pop in to the shop. Alternatively, Karen can pop round to you and have a chat about what you require.